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Easy to use. Works well on Windows XP SP3. Looks to be a fun tool to get into.
Application works on each module. This is true.

Cool idea. I happen to think it’s one of the best out there. Thanks for your interesting ideas
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Its very useful in making documents for my investigatory project in school.
Mariel Abrantes

Parents who are involved with their childrens’ lives will be using this to help their kids with schoolwork.
This will be an invaluable tool to aid in their education. I’ll be using this software for a least the 7 years!


Definitely any person who has NO CREATIVITY AT ALL would EVER need this!
Otherwise it is interesting that my 14 year old daughter is already using it! She is definitely NON-PROFESSIONAL!


Oh wow! Not just yes, but hell yes! I’ve been needing something like this for months, but couldn’t afford it.
For my application, I’ll be using it to create a sort of survey to collect information from people
who are requesting help from a non-profit org to get their pets “fixed”.
This will be so much better than using a paper form like I have been doing. I’ll let you all know how well it works for this application.

WOW!!! This is HOT!!! Thank you, JetDraft. As an instructor, this is wonderful ALL inclusive software providing an easy way
to create quizzes and data transmission….including an installer program.
I’m surprised to find a quality program like this that fits right into the needs of educators so perfectly.
Obviously designed by persons who know full well the needs of instructors and students.
Robin Dallred

Great piece of software - a very handy tool.
Worth trying it.

This software seems that it has a surface level of complexity for everyday use and for those who dig really deep into how it works,
a very complicated level for the professional.


Downloaded it, everything worked fined, clean and elegant user interface. The help manual is quite thorough.
It’s useful to me because I’m a clan leader on some games.
This is a fun way to collect and distribute information. Overall a thumbs-ups, and worth taking a look at.

This would be an excellent tool for my daughter who is a teacher. Thanks!

Thanks JetDraft. Your promise to help is well appreciated.